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Best Reasons for Using Tonneau Covers

So many of our customers at Serra Honda O'Fallon love their pickup trucks. One addition we recommend to truck owners is the use of a tonneau cover instead of leaving your truck bed exposed.

An uncovered truck bed encourages theft of your cargo, exposes items carried here to wind and rain, in addition to decreasing your gas mileage. Although an uncovered truck bed always allows you easy access to what's stored there, installing a tonneau type truck cover provides many more benefits.

In addition to protecting your truck bed cargo from weather and theft, a tonneau that can…

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Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Explained

Although you may have heard a service technician mention oil viscosity ratings, you may not know what it means. At Serra Honda O'Fallon, we like to keep our customers informed about their vehicles, so we have provided you with an explanation of motor oil viscosity ratings below.

When you look at a bottle of motor oil, you will see a number and a letter. The "w" represents winter, and the number is the oil's viscosity. A motor oil with a higher viscosity will be thicker and less resistant to flow. For instance, if a motor oil has a…

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