Honda: The Lowest Total-Cost Vehicle on the Market

June 3rd, 2021 by

Driving your new Honda off the lot of Serra Honda O’Fallon, just outside of St. Louis, is only the first step in a journey of ownership. You use your car nearly every day, commuting to work in Scott, visiting McKendree to help your freshman move in, or taking the kids to the O’Fallon Family Sports Park on a long weekend. You’re planning on owning your Honda Civic or CR-V for many years — so it’s important to know the cost of the regular maintenance like standard Honda oil changes, tire rotations, fluid top-ups, and other servicing to keep your Honda car, truck or SUV running smoothly.

Luckily for you, a new study by We Predict has found that on the whole, 2021 Hondas are more affordable and require less maintenance over their ownership than most other vehicles on the market! Through quality engineering and a focus on longevity, the Honda lineup is the cheapest new car, SUV, or truck on the market. In fact, Honda Civics, CR-Vs, Accords, and Odysseys collectively cost half the average for cars in their segments. When you buy a new Honda in the St. Louis area, you’re making a great investment on the most reliable vehicle on the road.

2021 Honda Civic: The Compact Car with Lowest Service Cost

Let’s talk about We Predict’s methodology — how did they reach the conclusions that the 2021 Honda Civic is the lowest-servicing-price compact car available? We Predict collects and analyzes millions of data from real-world vehicle repairs, warranty actions, maintenance visits, and service campaigns, performed at U.S. dealerships, mechanics, and elsewhere.

Their rigorous research has shown that, on average, your 2021 Honda Civic (or newly redesigned 2022 Honda Civic) will require fewer oil changes and other service over its lifetime than other compact cars. And those savings will only compound as you continue to drive: We Predict found, based on an analysis of older vehicles, that maintenance costs increase 15 times after three years, and 20 times after five. By buying a new Honda Civic from Serra Honda O’Fallon, you’re not just getting a great deal now — you’re getting a great deal over the lifetime of your car.

Concierge Honda Service in O’Fallon, IL

By buying a new SUV or car from Serra Honda, you’ve already made a great choice, in terms of affordability, durability, and reliability. But did you know that our service department provides some of the lowest price servicing in the St. Louis area for your new Honda CR-V, Civic, Odyssey, or Accord? At our service department in the O’Fallon, IL area, we can provide you with new tires, alignment, transmission replacement, and even a no-charge concierge service.

At Serra Honda, we make it easy to perform routine maintenance on your car, whether it’s a Honda or not. We can do it all — replace your battery, inspect your brakes, clean the drivetrain, and everything in between. What’s more, we source only the best OEM parts from the manufacturer, so you can know your Honda will be as dependable at mile 20,000 as it was at mile 200. Plus, when you bring your Honda in to be serviced, you can enjoy complimentary amenities, like Wi-Fi, Multi-Point Inspection, beverage and coffee bar, snacks and vending machines, a comfortable waiting area with children’s play area, and more!

Serra Honda O’Fallon: Your Local Honda Dealer in the St. Louis Area

You want to be sure that you’re getting a good deal on your new and used Honda vehicle, not only at the point of purchase, but throughout the life of the car. Honda has been proven to be one of the most affordable car brands out there, and that was confirmed by’s 2021 Best Value Brand* listing. Scheduling your car maintenance with Serra O’Fallon’s Honda service center, you’re getting an even better deal, whether you’re looking for good oil change terms, tire rotation, affordable repair costs, or whatever Honda need you happen to have. Come by our showroom, conveniently located on Central Park Drive in O’Fallon, IL, today!

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