Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Explained

November 21st, 2018 by

Although you may have heard a service technician mention oil viscosity ratings, you may not know what it means. At Serra Honda O’Fallon, we like to keep our customers informed about their vehicles, so we have provided you with an explanation of motor oil viscosity ratings below.

When you look at a bottle of motor oil, you will see a number and a letter. The “w” represents winter, and the number is the oil’s viscosity. A motor oil with a higher viscosity will be thicker and less resistant to flow. For instance, if a motor oil has a viscosity rating of 5W, it will work better in cold temperatures than a motor oil with a viscosity rating of 20W.

When you need to have your motor oil changed, be sure to stop by our service center. Our technicians will make certain the right type of motor oil is used in your engine.
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