Benefits of Honda EVs & Hybrid Vehicles

Honda Prologue EV and Honda CR-V HybridHonda Prologue Electric SUV

Today’s Honda lineup has many electrified vehicles to suit most drivers’ needs, including hybrid sedans and SUVs and an electric SUV slated to arrive this year. The all-new Honda Prologue will be the first all-electric Honda vehicle available for purchase, and it’s just the beginning of Honda’s plans to have 30 EV models globally by 2030. Honda hybrids include the Honda CR-V Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid, and the Honda Civic Hybrid is set to arrive this summer as well.

While some of our valued customers at Serra Honda O’Fallon have already decided that their next vehicle will be an electric vehicle, others are on the fence. As you prepare to make your final selection, consider these exciting benefits of owning and driving a Honda EV.

What Are the Benefits of EVs and Hybrids?

Discover the benefits of Honda EV and hybrid vehicles below.

Honda Prologue EV Driving Across a Bridge

Electric is Fun to Drive

Some people think that driving an electrified vehicle would be sluggish and boring, but this is not the case. Honda hybrids and EVs use electric motors, which generate instant torque1 at 0 rpm. This means these vehicles offer impressive acceleration, so you can shoot off the starting line faster than the average gas-only car. Plus, modern hybrids and EVs have comparable horsepower ratings as their gas-powered counterparts and competing models.

Honda EV Dealership

Savings, EV Tax Credits, & Incentives

You can save a significant amount of money on gas by switching to a Honda hybrid, and you can save even more by switching to an EV and avoiding the gas pump altogether. The potential benefits2 of buying an all-electric vehicle include access to the HOV lane on busy freeways, maintenance savings, tax credits for vehicles and home chargers, and more. You may even be eligible for a possible federal tax credit of up to $7,5003 when you buy an EV.

Honda Prologue EV Interior

Reduce Your Emissions

While gas-powered vehicles can emit considerable damaging emissions, EVs have zero emissions. You can also take advantage of lower emissions if you choose a hybrid vehicle instead of a gas-powered model.

When you drive an electrified Honda vehicle, you’re helping with Honda’s effort to eliminate all of the brand’s tailpipe emissions in North America by 2040.

Honda Prologue EV Charging at Home

Electric Charging is Easy

Charging your all-electric vehicle overnight is simple, and we can help you select a vehicle charger for your home and arrange installation. The Honda Prologue is also going to feature map functionality that helps you locate convenient charging stations on the go and it’s compatible with high-speed DC fast charging. Plus, the high-voltage lithium-ion batteries used to power your Honda EV are designed for long-term use and are covered by an 8-year/100,000-mile limited warranty3, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Buy a New Honda Hybrid near St. Louis, MO

With many hybrid cars and SUVs available in our Honda lineup today and the anticipated arrival of new Honda EVs this year, your next move should be to visit Serra Honda O’Fallon for a closer look or to ask any questions you may have. Drop by at your convenience or contact us online for more information about our current inventory.

Images are for illustration purposes only.

1. Instant torque applies to vehicles with electric motors.

2. State incentives may vary.

3. The IRS offers a Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Tax Credit of up to $7,500 on the purchase of qualifying vehicles. This is not tax advice. Consult your own tax advisor for details.

4. 8-year/100,000-mile limited warranty covers abnormal loss of capacity in the vehicle’s high-voltage battery. Other warranties may provide additional coverage for the high-voltage battery. High-voltage batteries degrade over time with use. Gradual capacity loss is expected and not covered under warranty. See dealer for details.