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The Honda Lineup

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The current Honda lineup holds an incredible range of models, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. With such an impressive variety available, many shoppers at Serra Honda O’Fallon can find exactly what they are looking for during their first visit to our showroom. While each model has a unique combination of features and capabilities with individualized styling, all Honda models share a few notable traits.

Honda Passport

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Honda Ridgeline

Experience the Honda Ridgeline


Exceptional Engineering

Honda drivers in the O’Fallon area take full advantage of the exceptional engineering of their vehicles. Each Honda has been well-engineered to maintain its solid performance capabilities and overall quality condition over the years. Regardless of the new Honda model that you decide on, you can expect your vehicle to take you the distance. Plus, with great warranty coverage and maintenance services available conveniently at our O’Fallon dealership, keeping your Honda running well is easy to do.

Premium Features

Honda models have marvelously evolved over the years, and this year’s models are equipped with innovative technologies and advanced driver’s aids for your benefit. More than that, your new Honda will have the refined finishes and the full range of comfort and convenience features that you want from your next vehicle. With exciting differences between each of our model’s trims, a closer look at the options available at Serra Honda O’Fallon is in order.